Supply Chain Services That Work

Does your supply chain management system need review?

Are your sourcing costs too high, but difficult to reduce?

Are too many quality problems and not enough solutions ending up on your desk?

Are you confident that this special, important order, will arrive on time, in full and compliant?

We supervised more than 1,000,000 shipping inspections and have decades of experience helping our clients import products. We know how to help the smaller companies as well as the big companies find and solve supply chain issues.

If you hire a Supply Chain Services consultant, they should add value to your process rather than just reduce your margins.

10 Avoidable Supply Chain Hurdles:

  • Do you find surprises when you open your containers?
  • Do you need order extra to cover customer returns?
  • Does your supplier repeat the same errors?
  • Do you have the right in-country visibility?
  • Too many “lost in translation”?
  • Do you fully trust the data, reports provided?
  • Do you lack visibility on your multiple shipments?
  • Do you find all the above difficult to track back and costly?
  • Do you find difficult to cooperate with some suppliers?
  • Is it difficult and/or frustrating to communicate with your suppliers?

6 Difficult Sourcing Decisions:

  • “One size fits all” does not work for managing all your suppliers, but how to make repeatable successful interactions?
  • Do you find risky to work with one supplier, but difficult to change?
  • Can your supplier improve? How?
  • Do you think that technology alone cannot help you progress?
  • If you really need to be sure, who will you trust on the ground?
  • Do you have too many documents, but not the right information?

Do you know your total cost of quality? How about your total cost of non-quality?

Reducing both is not rocket science, it just requires focus, techniques, and understanding of your needs.

Traditional Service Providers tend to offer standard, off the shelf services and reports that are merely snapshots at a certain point of time. This static approach has limits in linking those distinct services into a continuous value approach, especially along multi-weeks project/order timelines.

At IAPMO R&T SCS, we take a more holistic partnering approach to engineer the services into an actively managed program that will help you link, sequence and correlate results, thereby creating incremental value from order placement till effective shipment. Moreover, when such projects/order are repeated, say for commoditized products, our solutions open a range of possible improvements on quality, time and budgets.

Our target outcomes are:

  • Improved visibility and forecasts
  • Confidence build up towards safe products arrival
  • Quality control and improvement
  • Early detection and faster response troubleshooting
  • Leverage the factory possibilities (Production, Scheduling, QC, Inventory)
  • Reduce overall timelines
  • Reduced follow up and inspection budgets

In short, we seek to understand your order’ s objectives, to incorporate them in a partner project, and tailor the in-country services to reach those objectives.

We are not just your service provider, we are you partner in your supply chain!

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